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Corundum: Use as a Gemstone, Abrasive, Refractory - GeologyCorundum is used as a gemstone, abrasive, refractory and much more. Red corundum is a ruby, blue is a sapphire, any other color is a fancy sapphire. Synthetic.jaw corundum ruby crusher slovenia,What is corundum and what are its basic qualities? - UBC EOASCorundum comes in all colours of the rainbow but is most commonly found as opaque crystals with dull colours. Red corundum is called ruby, blue corundum is.

Corundum from Prilep — PalaMinerals

Corundum from Prilep Dolomitic Marble (Macedonia) .. colleague, Franc Arbeiter, a gem cutter from Mežica, Slovenia, told us how to polish Macedonian rubies.

Greenlandic Rubies - Greenland Ruby

Greenland Ruby named its mine site, Aappaluttoq, the Greenlandic word for red, . valued gems in the world, members of the mineral species called corundum.

Corundum gemstone information

Corundum is called Ruby if red and Padparadscha if pink-orange. All other colours . This table shows distribution of Corundum gemstone sizes that are listed on this site. This can give a ... Chin-thae Taung (Chin-theit Taung). [var: Ruby] Ted.

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